Project B10

Topic: Micro- and macrophysics at the plasma-wall interface
Project leader:   Bronold, Franz Xaver, PD Dr., Institut für Physik, Uni Greifswald
Fehske, Holger, Prof. Dr., Institut für Physik, Uni Greifswald

Low-temperature gas discharges strongly interact with plasma walls which connect the gas discharge to the external circuitry and confine the plasma to a finite region of space. In both cases the wall acts electronically as a charge reservoir. Project B10 studies electron deposition and extraction to and from this charge reservoir from a microscopic surface physics point of view. Besides calculating plasma relevant surface parameters such as electron sticking and desorption, secondary electron emission, and wall recombination coefficients it develops methods which allow to integrate the electronic degrees of freedom of the wall explicitly into the kinetic modeling of the discharge.

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