Project B11

Topic: Correlation of relevant surface and volume processes during the breakdown and development of plasmas at elevated pressures
Project leader:   Brandenburg, Ronny, Dr., Leibniz-Institut für Plasmaforschung und Technologie e.V. Greifswald
Meichsner, Jürgen, Prof. Dr., Institut für Physik, Uni Greifswald

B11 is focused on the role of negative ions and metastable species on the formation, distribution and development of barrier discharges which will be investigated by the correlation of spatio-temporally resolved discharge diagnostic and charge build-up on the dielectric surfaces. In particular, spatio-temporally resolved spectroscopy, determination of plasma parameters (reduced electric field strength) and metastable densities (He*, N2(A)) and radial resolved surface charge measurements (Pockels effect) are foreseen. Photo detachment of negative ions with simultaneous discharge and surface charge diagnostic is proposed to give direct access to the behavior of these ions.

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