Project B2

Topic: Kinetics of transient molecules in plasmas
Project leader:   Röpcke, Jürgen, Prof. Dr., Leibniz-Institut für Plasmaforschung und Technologie e.V. Greifswald

The objectives of the project B2 are to study the fundamental kinetics of transient species in non-equilibrium plasmas and in interaction with solid surfaces preferably by infrared laser techniques. The analysis of complex chemical reactions in plasmas will be based on the measurement of relevant plasma parameters, in particular, of absolute concentrations of radicals and stable molecules. It is planned to use preferably non-stationary excited plasmas, which are well suited for the quantitative analysis of transient species. In addition to microwave and radio frequency plasmas at low-pressures also dielectric barrier discharges at atmospheric conditions will be studied. As main precursors O2, N2, CF4 and hydro carbons are foreseen.

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