Project area A: Dynamics and Order Phenomena  
A2 Dynamics of magnetized plasmas (Piel/Greiner)
A3 Order phenomena in dusty plasmas (Melzer/Block/Piel)
A5 Simulation of particle growth, correlations and thin film formation in complex plasmas (Bonitz/Wolf/Fehske)
A7 Theory and simulation of strongly correlated rotating and magnetized plasmas (Kählert/Bonitz)
A9 Multi-scale simulation of streaming complex plasmas (Ludwig/Bonitz)
Project area B: Reactivity and Surface Processes
B2 Kinetics of transient molecules in plasmas (Röpcke)
B3 Kinetics and simulation of charge carriers and neutral species in reactive plasmas (Loffhagen)
B4 Micro-particles as plasma probes (Kersten)
B5 Dynamics and reactivity of electronegative plasmas (Meichsner)
B10 Micro- and macrophysics at the plasma-wall interface (Bronold/Fehske)
B11 Correlation of relevant surface and volume processes during the breakdown and development of plasmas at elevated pressures (Brandenburg/Meichsner)
B12 Non-thermal, reactive atmospheric pressure plasma jet (Foest/Weltmann)
B13 Plasma processes for the deposition of nanostructured composite materials (Faupel/Kersten)
B14 Lateral structuring of a planar, dielectric barrier discharge (Stollenwerk)
B15 Investigation of nucleation and growth of nanoparticles in plasmas (Strunskus/Kersten)
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